The history of the clinic «Test & Treat» AIDS Healthcare Foundation-USA in Ukraine

The Test & Treat clinic was opened in Odessa in December 2017 with funds from the AIDS Healthcare Foundation-USA in Ukraine in cooperation with the Odessa Regional Center for Socially Significant Diseases within the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding between the AHF Ukraine and the Ministry of Health, as well as between Fund and Department of Health of Odessa Regional State Administration.

The clinic is an example of an effective partnership between the state and a non-governmental organization in the implementation of a comprehensive HIV response model.

People-centered approach to HIV care AHF Ukraine Odessa Test&Treat Clinic Model

The clinic is based on a comprehensive model that includes early detection of HIV infection and its quick and effective treatment, providing the patient on the basis of one institution with maximum access to integrated medical services (diagnostics, examinations, etc.).

Moreover, comprehensive services are primarily oriented on the individual needs of each visitor or patient.

About the clinic for patients

The AHF Test & Treat Clinic in Ukraine is a healthcare institution where you can get an HIV test and, if it is positive, get all the support you need and rapidly start treating HIV infection and related diseases.

The following services are provided free of charge at the clinic:

Testing and prevention:

  • HIV testing and prevention (including free distribution of condoms);
  • screening for syphilis and viral hepatitis (VG);
  • post-contact prevention of HIV infection;
  • prevention of opportunistic infections;
  • cancer screening in women;
  • counseling on reproductive health.


  • HIV treatment (ART, treatment effectiveness monitoring);
  • diagnosis and treatment of opportunistic infections;
  • diagnostics and treatment of concomitant diseases and conditions (diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, bone diseases, etc.);
  • mental health services.

Psychosocial support:

  • HIV counseling;
  • psychosocial support for people with HIV and their families.