Save lives through this handwashing procedure:

  • Wet hands with water
  • Apply enough soap to cover both hands
  • Rub palm to palm
  • Rub right palm over left hand with interlaced fingers and vice versa
  • Rub palm to palm with interlaced fingers
  • Rub backs of fingers to opposing palm with interlocked fingers
  • Rub rotationally the left thumb clasped in the right palm and vice versa
  • Rub rotationally, backwards and forward with clasped fingers of the right hand in the left palm clasped in the right palm and vice versa
  • Rise hands with water
  • Dry hands with a single use napkin
  • Use a napkin to turn off the tap

Your hands are NOW SAFE

20 Iec Covid19 Advisory Hcw Handwashing Updated March.31.2020

Source: Word Health Organization